Photography and Printing for Fine Art and Enterprise … and You!

Photograph Your Art!

So you’ve finished your latest work, and, frankly, you’re pretty happy with it… proud, even.

You’ve showed it to your family and friends, and they say it’s your best yet. And you know they’re right! This one just came together beautifully. Everything just works.

Maybe this is the one. The one you just know will make people pay attention. The first, in what will be a long line of substantial works.

Time to think beyond the canvas. Time to think about the more mundane things like:
  • Registering the copyright,
  • Marketing your original,
  • Should I license my image?
  • Make prints?,
  • Open an online store?
  • What about Social Media?
  • Start a Blog?
  • and…?

HELP!! Where to start?

Whether you just want to preserve the image for posterity, or fully take advantage of all the opportunities available to you… everything you do with your image begins with an exquisite scan. Not a scan from a cheap desktop scanner or ordinary digital camera. Your work deserves better. A digital file that captures all the nuances of your work. One that not only faithfully captures the colors of your work, but it’s intensity… it’s subtlety… indeed the soul of the original!

There’s only one place in the Pacific Northwest that can offer you all that… magnificent ultra high resolution scans, together with beautiful Giclée printing, advice and assistance in all forms of marketing, options that go far beyond simple prints for your work, and above all, a staff that is truly dedicated to helping you succeed.

That’s JDA Creative Color. Conveniently located in Portland, Oregon. As they say, “Mere minutes from major freeways!” Also seconds away via the Internet and Phone.

Call us today and arrange a meeting. Bring in your work and let us show you just how remarkable our craftsmen are and how completely different our level of commitment is from other photographers and printers!

Jim Dittmer
(503) 525-0846