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What size will my original scale to?

.0 inches
Enter the size of your original.

You can Tab between fields and use the arrow keys to increase or decrease size.

You will be able to choose a new value for the first size and the program will calculate the new 2nd size.

The calculator does not care whether you enter the height or width in the boxes.

Example: If your original is 24X36 and you wish to see how big it would be if the 24" dimension was reduced to 20", simply enter…
24 in the Orig Size 1 box
36 in the Orig Size 2 box
and 20 in the New Size 1 box
Your answer will appear below.

If you want to find out what size a 24X36 will be if the 36" size is 30" the simply enter…
36 in Orig Size 1,
24 in Orig Size 2
and 30 in New Size 1