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Fine Art - Giclée Printing

Fine Art Printing- also known as Giclée Printing - is a method of high quality art reproduction used to faithfully replicate photographs, paintings, and other fine artworks on a variety of materials (usually paper or canvas) by means of a specially outfitted inkjet printer. It is a great way for artists to make their work available and accessible to a larger audience. Of course, there's a lot more to it than that! Not to be confused with cheap lithographic art prints or posters, the Giclee process is accomplished with fully archival ink, paper and canvas. While there are no hard lightfast standards for Giclée, JDA Creative Services only uses materials with Wilhelm Imaging Reaserch fade resistance ratings over 80 years. That means that, properly stored or mounted and displayed, your fine art print will not show noticeable fading for nearly a century. Our equipment and materials used have been specifically selected for their quality of output, lightfastness, esthetically pleasing look and feel, and ability to be calibrated to accurately reproduce the original's color gamut and to recreate the original art's viewing experience. In addition to using the finest equipment and materials, JDA uses a carefully monitored and calibrated system employing ICC profiles and decades of color printing experience to manage color from capture to output assuring color fidelity to the absolute limits of technology and materials. If you want more information, please check out our Giclée FAQ and give us a call!

Giclée Prices

July 1st, 2014

Photo Papers

  • Top Quality
  • Smooth Finish
  • Museum Grade
  • Fully Archival

Sizes listed are paper size

Fine Art / Giclée Papers

  • Top Quality Watercolor Paper
  • Various Finishes from Highly Textured to Smooth
  • Museum Grade
  • Fully Archival

Sizes listed are paper size


  • Fully Archival
  • High Quality Artist grade Canvas
  • Price includes Protective Spray

Includes a 2 inch wrap (over 24" requires 3 inch wraps)

Stretched Canvas

  • Gallery Wrap
  • Includes hanging wire and hardware
  • Ready to Hang
Standard bars require a 2" wrap, Pro bars a 3" wrap.
Either Dimension over 24" requires the use of pro bars.
Prices on right reflect those prices.
These are typical prices for some common sizes of paper and canvas prints. They are listed to give you an idea of what your project will cost. We can print to almost any size up to about 44" in the smallest dimension, altho some materials aren't available in some sizes. Stretcher bar sizes should be taken into account when planning a canvas rendition.

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