Photography and Printing for Fine Art and Enterprise … and You!

Equipment and Materials

Hardware - What We Print With

We use the Epson StylusPro 9890 for the majority of our Giclée work. It has many advantages including a very large color gamut, exceedingly high resolution, variable ink droplet size (to better cover the surface area), latest technology print heads, and many other technical features that are pretty boring to most people but allow us to create Giclée prints that truly qualify as artworks in their own right. Sizes to 44” in the smallest dimension!

Media – What We Print On

We are constantly testing new papers, canvasses, vinyls and other media at JDA Creative Services. As we find something interesting we will mention it in our Blog so make sure you check in regularly or sign up for the RSS feed. Our standard papers and canvasses include those made by Crane, Hahnemüle, Arches, Fredrix, and Sommerset and other well known media suppliers. If you have a favorite that we don’t currently use, let us know and we may be able to add it to our offerings.

Materials vary widely in cost and that is a significant factor in determining the final price of a Giclée Fine Art Print. Tho our materials are the highest quality to be found, our pricing is very competitive. Taken with the extra services we provide without charge, we feel JDA provides provides unparalleled value.

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