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Personalized Socks For Sporty Folks!

S-8011_Shortsock 800

Warm weather is on it's way (at least so we Pacific North-Westerners have been told!). Time to get ready for the links, hiking, or just walking outdoors after a long cold Winter. And what better way to strut your stuff than with some absolutely unique and personalized foot garb. Socks! With your name on them! Or your artwork! Or a poem! Or even a logo! Your choice… Whatever you want!

How to order:
If you plan to pick up your order…
Email us your picture (your kids, grandkids, your pet iguana, your artwork, your kid's artwork, whatever)
Tell us what you want to say.

If you want us to ship it to you…
follow the directions on the JDA Store on ETSY!

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